Playing Pervasive Games is Gaming Everywhere

Computer and console games are not only popular, but also economically an important factor. However, the future of gaming is called “Pervasive Gaming”.

Pervasive Gaming is aimed at new forms of play in which information and communication technology is used to break down barriers of traditional games and to provide advanced game worlds for players and spectators.
Various electronic media, such as video, internet, computers, smart phones, etc. are used to merge (as seamlessly as possible) the real game environment and virtual game elements.

The website is about this new trend and tries to explain it.

Pervasive gaming is best explaing starting from the concept of pervasive computing.
pervasive computing is computer technology everywhere around you
and pervasive gaming are games that happen everywhere around you.
Not just at a computer or on a game board.

It is a mixture of location based technology and social network games.
in such a way that several connected players play in real life
The game is all around the player and sometimes even pervasing into the normal life.

I have also looked in more detail at other pervasive computing games like “Ingress”, “Uncle Roy All Around You”,  “Pac-Manhattan”, und “Can You See Me Now”.