Uncle Roy All Around You

The pervasive game ‘Uncle Roy All Around You’  (URAY) was made by Blast Theory.
For the game it was characteristic that it mixed game content with live performances in the street. The performances were staged in May/June 2003 in  London.
   Some critics even called it theatre in the city streets.
Street players had the task to find uncle Roy (a fictional character) with the help of online player
who moved in a parallel 3D World to guide the players in the street

Street player had a mobile device to report their position (No automatic tracking?) and to contact their online player by sending short self recorded audio clips
The notable end of the game was when the street players found Uncle Roy’s office
where the player from the street could meet the online Player.

MY Personal Opinion about the game

 I think the whole game might make sense as a ‘scripted reality TV Show’  or as a multi-stage performance during a larger event but otherwise the infrastructure and support costs way to much.
during the performance in London at least a dozen people (for example actors or technical support) were involved in orchestrating the game. for consumer it would not be possible to play it by yourself.