Shoot Me If You Can

In Taeyoon Choi catch-me game “Shoot Me If You Can”, participants go with camera phones through Seoul while wearing prominently colored stickers, with an unique number on it, on the upper body front and rear. Players on a team are trying to photograph the participants of the competing teams, before they are picked up(photgraphed) by opponents. The team which shot all enemies first wins.

How does it work technically?

The MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) with photo of the oppenent are send to central server and from there its is automatically forwarded to A game manager checks photos of the participants and , if the picture is sharp, he sends via SMS “You are shot” to the player who got photographed . The website of the game shows the current score. Participants can get this information from your mobile phone

Game strategy

You search within a specified game range photographable competitors. Of course players can use obstacles to hide from other participants. But you should not only avoid to be photographed. You also have to have a strategy how to get the picture of the opponents.