“Epidemic Menace” – Pervasive Gaming-Event am Fraunhofer-Institut FIT

At an event at the fraunhofer institute eight player tested ‘Epidemic Menace’ . First, a video trailer had informed the players of the story: A researcher of the Institute has stolen dangerous viruses and set it free on the grounds of the institute. The players had the task of combating the virus and to find the villain. For this they had received “anti-virus kit” with PDAs, mobile phones and mobile augmented reality equipment. The Players were split into two outdoor and indoor team. The indoor team, the controller, monitored the game from the control room, while the outdoor teams scoured the area for viruses in competition with each other.

The teams were always in contact . The positions of the players were determined using tracking systems (GPS and Wi-Fi).
The reach of the virus threat, which got influenced by the current weather conditions, where shown to the outdoor players on the mobile phone screens.

The augmented reality system was used to show virtual objects in the real view of the outdoor player.

“Epidemic Menace was the first prototypical implementation of a pervasive cross-media game ” said institute director Prof. Wolfgang Prinz of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT. “We were able to show how different media and devices can be integrated in a game. The test players were certainly excited.”