Timewarp in cologne

Do want to have a walk through downtown of Cologne with a gnome or a lesson in mixing magic potions- pervasive games make it possible. A development team of the fraunhofer institute modifies the view on the real world in to a game board with the help of a mobile computer.

QR Codes, placed on real life objects, or shapes of building are recognised by mobile computer (smartphone or tablets) and the screen shows not only the view of the camera but also the virtual objects like an apple (for a QR Code) or historical or future views of building recognised by the location an dthe shaped. Originally that technology was developed by the IPcity Project so tha citizen of a town could see new planned buildings.

Now that technology got used for a kids game: Timewarp
The story of the game goes back to an old cologne fairytale that gnomes where working at night for the citizen, but when they got watched they disappeard.

In the game the gnomes are still in the city by entrapped in different epochs. The player task is to find the gnomes with th emobile computer an dto free them .
Beside the gnomes building from the middle age or from the time of the ancient romans can be seen a virtual objects in conjuction with the real cologne downtown.