Similiar to other games developed by the Fraunhofer Institute of FIT
Netattack is play with an indoor team and outdoor team which are in competition to each pother.
The indoor team sits on the desktop with an overview of the game and are in contact with the out door team, who can find virtual game items.

NetAttack were programmed as a distributed application. All the different components communicate via events that are sent via a TCP/IP-based protocol. A central server guarantees consistency for all the distributed clients. Here the configuration of the game is done as well.
Before starting the game, the outdoor area must be defined and the task for the different levels of game levels configured. The configuration is done with XML. For each level the game area and the game items(number of item and positions) have to be set of. Also the playing time for each level has to be set as well.
There are time limits to ensures that the game is fast-paced.

My Opinion about the game
For a campus where where you have enough students it is no problem to have an in door and out door team.
In a real consumer product I would expect it to be wholly played outside, even including the configuration.
Of course that would take a completely different setup and only the basic hardware might be the same.