Pokemon Go

Ten years ago at about 2006 the first books appeared about pervasive gaming but only ten years later the first game got published that got the public attention. Pokemon go got develop from Niantic who had licensed the pokemons from Nintendo. Suddenly a lot of youngster appeared in the parks and near sightseeings. weeks before the pokemon hype the parks were deserted or only lightly used, but now it was full with people trying to catch pokemons. One player turns on a lure module to attract other pokemons. Since that an active module can be used by other players as well it attractsmore player which adds a social layer to the game. player do not only have to go outside but get also the chance to interact. who had played before pokemon as a nintendo 3ds game only at home, has no the chance to meet other pokemon fans. Becauseniantic choose for gaming arenas the same locations as in Ingress, kids that play PokemonGo get to see the sightseeings in their city.